The Whaite Family History

From Coddington to Sydney NSW via Manchester

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Second Generation

2.1 ex 1.1 Family of (Elizabeth) Kate (O'Brien) and Alfred SOUTHCOMBE

All births Muswellbrook

1.Walter Alfred b 1881.18557* d 8 Mar 1941.363* Sydney Hospital Cause: Gastric Ulcer with Haemorrhage age 60 years bu 10 Mar 1941 CE Cem Rookwood late of 16 Albion St Surry Hills Informant brother Ellis H 3 below NO ISSUE

2.Ivy Muriel b 1886.24038 d 6 Dec Royal Newcastle Hospital 1956.35154* Newcastle Cause: Hypertensive Cariac Vasular Disease 1 year Cancer of Rectum age 70 years Widow usual residence 20 Clearly St Hamilton Informant T E Moore of 107 tudor St Hamilton No Relation crem 7 dec 1956 Beresdfield Crem m 6 Dec 1911.13857* St James RC Presbytery M'brook (Witnesses: Ellis Southcombe, Harriett May Lane) Christopher LANE b 1889.24961 Inverell d 28 Feb 1937.3196* Newcastle Hospital late of 11 Denison St Hamilton Cause: Effects of Injuries Accidentally Received through being knocked down by a Motor Car Inquest held Newcastle 16 Mar 1937 A G Chiplin Coroner & Informant age 48 years bu 2 Mar 1937 RC Cem Sandgate Hotel Manager, Labourer see SF and 3.1

3.Ellis Herbert b 1889.24076 d 24 Jul 1964.28143* Brentwood Public Hospital Muswellbrook Cause: Broncho Pneumonia 5 days bu 26 Jul 1964 CE Cem M'brook late of 6 Cook St M'brook Informant I ? = Frances L Pritchard dau; witness m 1911 Ivy 2 above; Witness marr 1935 son Raymond E; Witness 1940 dau Frances L; Informant then living Cook St M'brook death 1941 Walter A 1 above, Informant then of 6 Cook St Muswellbrook death 1947 of father Department Manager 1940 m with consent of George C Day father of bride 12 Sep 1914.12964* St Albans CE M'brook (Witnesses: B P Southcombe L R =L K Southcombe) Pearlie Wilson (Day) b 1895.22750 Aberdeen reg Greta d FIND see SF and 3.2

4.Bertrand Percival b 1891.23687 d 25 Jul 1960.24705* Royal Hospital Newcastle late of 8 Lawson St Hamilton Cause: Broncho - Pneumonia 3 days Emphysema 15 years Informant G Stewart Niece of 70 Dumaresq St Hamilton witness marr 1914 Ellis H 3 above Gardener Not married ? NO ISSUE

5.Liliane Kate b 1894.23004 did she die as Lillian Kate 3 June 1983 late of Willoughby formerly of Chatswood SMH 4 June 1983 ?? would be 99 years witness marr 1914 Ellis H 3 above alive 1947 m 26 Nov 1919.13855* St Albans CE M'brookWITNESSES Charles R eginald PHILLIPS b 1895.7608 Aberdeen reg Scone Ironmonger d Sydney Hospital 7 Oct 1967.5220* Sydney late of 137 Victoria Avenue Chatswood Cause: Myocardial Infarction Coronary Artery Thrombosis hours, Atherosclerotic Heart Disease years age 72 years crem 10 Oct 1967 Northern Suburbs Crem Informant W A Phillips son Sales Manager see SF and 3.3

2.2 ex 1.2 Family of Mary Ann (O'Brien) and Thomas Place STEVENS

In STEVENS Tree, this family is shown as 3.4, but all susequent generations are in this tree ONLY

1.Harry Place b 1879.16604 West Maitland d 1938.12684 Liverpool NSW witness m 1913 Jean 7 below NO ISSUE

2.Essie Louise b 1881.19955 Maitlandd 1884.10671 West Maitland NO ISSUE

3.Maggie Adele b 1883.22590 Maitlandd 1904.13692 West Maitland NO ISSUE

4.Lilian May b 17 Feb 1886.25787 Maitlandd 15 May 1962.14480 entry 321 Mental Hospital Rydalmere reg Chatswood Cause: Auricular Fibrillation years, Myocardial Degeneration years, Cerebral Thrombosis years crem 17 May 1962 Norhern Suburbs Crematorium age 70 years [should be 76 years] Informant Jas. Carlton Manager Mental Hospital Rydalmere m 5 June 1911.5121* (Witnesses: Jean Stevens, Lilly Bussell) Cessnock Frederick Henry WHAITE b 26 Sep 1885 Melbourne Vic reg 1885.3690* Sydney NSW d 16 Oct 1964.5444* Sutherland District Hospital Caringbah late of 5/55 Ewos Pde Cronulla Cause: Gastro Enteritis Days Mitral Incompetence Years Congestive Cardiac Failure Years crem 19 Oct 1964 Northern Suburbs Crem see 3.4

5.Charles Herbert b 16 Feb 1888.27073 Hunter St West Maitland aunt Essie O'Brien [1.4] witness to birth d 12 Apr 1922.5902* Waterfall Sanitarium reg Hurstville Cause: Pulmonary Tuberculosis 2 years [Body sent to Sydney University 13 Apr 1922 for Anatomical Purposes] bu 12 Sep 1922 CE Cem Rookwood Labourer not married ? NO ISSUE

6.Lena Mary b 1891.20810 Maitlandd 18 Sep 1910.9935* Hunter St West Maitland Cause: Pulmonary Tuberculosis 6 months bu 19 Sep 1910 CE Cem Campbell Hill informant Benjamin Hickling husband East Maitland m 24 Feb 1908.1950*Pt CE St Peters East Maitland (Witnesses: Sarah Preddy, L M Stevens) Benjamin HICKLING b 27 May 1889.25980* Sparke St W M d 3 Apr 1966.17750* at Maitland Hospital Cause: Pulmonary Embolism minutes, Carcinoma of Rectum 6 months crem 5 Apr 1966 Beresford age 76 years late of Paterson St Hinton Informant E M Hickling widow [M Anna Brown altered from Anne]? Linesman 1927 Informant death 1910 wife; Informant death 1924 father Denis living Melbourne St Maitlandsee SF and 3.5. Benjamin Hickling m (2) as Benjamine with consent in writing of Elizabeth Jones mother of bride 18 Mar 1912.2225 * St Marys CE West Maitland (Witnesses: V M Hickling [sf 4.6.1], A L Stacker) Elizabeth May (Jones) Signed as E M Jones [altered from Joass] b 1894.20022 West Maitland d 21 Sep 1976.106589* Hamilton Nursing Home reg Sydney Cause: Malignant Melamona 6 years, Multiple Secondaries late of Paterson St Hinton Informant K Hickling son see SF and 3.6

Electoral Roll Hunter 1917,1921 Maitland both at "Moontown" East Maitland

7.Jean b 1893.21550 Maitland d as Effie Jean 11 Sep 1962.23775* Neringah home of Peace Wahroonga reg Chatswood Cause: Cerebral Thrombosis, Cerebral Arterio Sclerosis progressive over many years crem 13 Sep 1962 Northern Suburbs Crem age 69 years widow late of Beaumont Road Mt Kuringai Informant Son K P Snowdon; witness marr 1946 son Kemplay P [F Stevens Clerk in Holy Orders] Residence West Maitland m with consent of Charles Henry Gale Guardian of Minors for the bride as Effie Jean 4 Jan 1913.132* CE St James Hyde Park Sydney (Witnesses: H P Stevens, A R Snowdon) Charles Henry SNOWDON Residence Stanmore b as Charls H 1888.14241 Marulan reg Argyle at Goulburn d 29 Mar 1957.12796* at Beaumont Road Mt Kuringai reg Hornsby Labourer Cause: Coronary Thrombosis several minutes, Myocardial Degeneration several years Clerk age 69 years crem 1 Apr 1957 Northern Suburbs Crem Informant son K P Snowdon; Informant of 20 Cavendish Ave Stanmore death 1910 Mother see SF and 3.7

8.Ivy b 17 Nov 1895.33933* at Albert St West Maitland d as Ivy Louise Widow 17 Nov 1971.71196* Burlington Convalescent Home Katoomba NSW Cause: Terminal Pneumonia days, Senile Dementia years, Cerebral Arterio Sclerosis years crem 19 Nov 1971 Pine Grove Mem Crem Eastern Creek Informant son R H Davies m as Ivy Louise Jul 1915.12728 St Leonards Edward Sykes DAVIES b 13 May 1880 Weston-super-Mare Somerset Eng d 8 Nov 1948 Sydney GET CERT see SF and 3.8

2.3 ex 1.3 Family of Margaret (O' Brien) and Charles John ELLIS

1.Florence b ? d 1883.10153 Coonamble GET CERT NO ISSUE

2.Charles Arthur Shoolbread b 1884.27081 Coonamble [M Maggie] d 19 June 1952.9521* at 6 Eaton St North Sydney Cause: Myocarditis 3 months Disseminated Sclerosis 5 years Spastic Paraplegia Informant Lawrence L E Ellis brother crem 20 June 1952 Northern Suburbs Crem Clerk of Petty Sessions Residence Cuthill St Randwick [M Margaret Obrian] m with consent of Charles J Ellis & Sidney H Young, fathers of Bridegroom and Bride 10 Mar 1903.590* St Davids Surry Hills ( Witnesses: Sidney Herbert Young, Ernest Hardwick) Violet Florence Lenore (Young) Residence Allison Road Randwick b 1884.2948 Waverley reg Sydney [F Sidney Herbert Hair Dresser M Sarah Neugent] d as V Florence 1962.32658 Chatswood see 3.9

3.Percival A b 1886.28623 Coonamble; Informant then of Rivers St Bellevue Hill death 1914 father alive 1958 ? d as P Alfred 13 June 1983 late of Avalon SMH 15 June 1983

4.Frank H b 1892.11357 Coonamble d 1892.4574 Coonamble NO ISSUE

5.Frederick S b 1894.28255 Randwick ? d 1894.11507 Randwick NO ISSUE

6.Lawrence Leycester Ewart b 1899.6463 Randwick Clerk alive 1958 FIND Dinformant then of 17 Hope St Balgowlah death 1952 brother Charles A S 2 above; Informant then of same address death 1958 mother Residence Cremorne m 7 Jan 1925.1452* St Chads CE Cremorne reg Mosman (Witnesses: Herbert Priestly, Margaret Priestly) Evelyn Margaret (Smith ) b c 1888 DC/1895MC Kent England Nurse d 25 June 1951.11191* at 17 Harbour St Mosman Cause: Coronary Occlusion 24 hours, Arterio Sclerosis Diabetes Mellitus Years crem 26 June 1951 Northern Suburbs Crem [F Robert Alan Master Mariner M Joan MacKenzie] arrived NSW c 1901CHECK ISSUE

2.4 ex 1.4 Family of (Essie) Esther (O'Brien) and Henry William SYMONDS

1.Reginald Henry b 1891.31752 Singleton Labourer Informant then of 8 Taloombi St Cronulla death 1958 wife Residence 221 Abercrombie St Redfern d 1969.10746 St Leonards [M Essie Eliza] GET CERTm 3 Sep 1926.10797* CE Lane Cove reg North Sydney (Witnesses: Essie Easton, Albert J O'Hye) Lilian Alice (O'Hye) Residence 58 Queen St Newtown b c 1886 Hamilton NZ d 9 Mar 1960.2683* Home of Peace Petersham late of 8 Taloombi St Cronulla reg Sutherland age 78 years Cause: Right Hemiplegia¸Cerebral Thrombosis 2 years crem 11 Mar 1960 Woronora Crem arrived NSW c 1902 Informant R H Symonds Widower NO ISSUE

2.Dorothy Kathleen b 1893.21551 West Maitland Dressmaker alive 1958 FIND DResidence Nowra m 26 June 1918.8575* All Saints CE Nowra (Witnesses: John Pepper, Essie Symonds) Herbert Cyril PEPPER b 1894.24898 Tomerong reg Nowra d 7 June 1975.14786* Shoalhaven Dist Mem Hospital Nowra age 81 years Cause: Left Ventricular Failure 2 days Hypertension 5 years Bronchitis 7 days crem 9 June 1975 Wollongong reg Sydney late of 97 East St Nowra Informant L R Harvey son in law 29 Journal Street Nowra see SF and 3.10

3.Muriel b 1896.4796 West Maitland d as Muriel E 1896.10431 East Maitland NO ISSUE

4.Henry Why b 1897.23231 West Maitland [? named after Henry Why Southcombe sf 1.1] Informant as Henry William of Station St Katoomba DC 1949 father alive 1958 ? 9 Nov 1980 Katoomba age 83 SMH 10 Nov 1980

5.Marjorie A b 1899.33209 Nowra ?? d pre 1949 FIND

6.Essie Alexandra b 5 July 1902.24720* Bridge Rd Nowra witness to birth Elizabeth Symonds b 1848 Guernsey; d 21 Nov 1976 St Leonards (Royal North Shore Hospital) reg 1976.28361* Sydney Cause: Broncho Pneumonia 5 days Adenocarcinoma Right Lung and Pleura 6 weeks crem 23 Nov 1976 Northern Suburbs Crem late of 11 Hamilton Street Lane Cove Informant son W R Easton; Essie A witness m 1926 Reginald H 1 above; Informant then of 11 Hamilton Street Lane Cove death 1958 mother; as Essie Simmons DC Husband Residence Nowra m 7 June 1924.5595* St Stephens CE Chatswood (Witnesses: D Easton, E H Easton) Walter Bradford EASTON Residence Chatswood b 1891.9458 Burwood d 7 Dec 1958.27476* Mental Hospital Callan Park Leichhardt reg Balmain Cause: Pulmonary Oedema, 14 days Myocardial Degeneration, Chronic Tuberculosis (Resolved) 7 years late of 11 Hamilton St Lane Cove crem 9 Dec 1958 Northern Suburbs Crem age 67 years Informant R Harrison Senior Clerk Mental Hospital Callan Park Leichhardt Warehouseman see SF and 3.11

7.John Doyle b 1909.28275 Nowra d 23 May 1984 Nowra age 74 years SMH 24 May 1984 m with consent of Henry William Symonds father of groom and John Thomas Senior father of bride 26 Sep 1928.13199* St Peters CE Watsons Bay reg Woollahra (Witnesses: Henry Symonds, Sydney Jack Ross) Madeline Mary (Senior) b 1909.28286 Nowra d 23 May 1984 Nowra age 74 years SMH 24 May 1984 see 3.12

2.5 ex 1.6 Family of Eliza Jane (O'Brien) and Alexander CARR

All births Waverley

1.Alexander Cyril b 1896.17592 Linotype Operator d 9 May 1970.21376* Prince Henry Hospital reg Newtown age 74 Cause: Died of Injury to Brain and Subdural Haematoma accidentally sustained when he fell to roadway near corner of Fenton Ave and Chapman Ave Maroubra when attempting to recover his dog. Inquest held 7 Aug 1970 K M Waller City Coroner [added 4 Sep 1970] bu 14 May 1970 CE Cem Botany [M Elisa Jane];Informant then of 22 Chapman St Waverley death 1947 father Residence Bronte m 24 Sep 1921.10951*St Pauls CE Rose Bay reg Woollahra (Witnesses: E Rimmer, Jan Rimmer) Edith (Rimmer) Residence Waverley b c 1900 Southport Lancs possibly Mar qtr 1900 Ormskirk 8b.886/Dec qtr 1900 Ormskirk 8b.832 England CashierFIND Dsee 3.13

2.William G W b 1897.27404 d 1920.8717 Waverley GET CERT

3.Agnes Vera b 1899.35864 d 6 Feb 1932.4551* at Manly District Hospital Cause: Endocarditis Rheumatic, Auricular Fibrillation, Generalised Oedema and Ascites bu 9 Feb 1932 CE Cem Manly Informant J Kennaway Widower Shop Assistant m with written consent of Alexander Carr father of bride 1 Dec 1919.15262* St Mary CE Waverley (Witnesses; O W Kennaway, E Carr) Residence both Waverley Ivor John KENNAWAY b c 1898 Staines Surrey England Carpenter d 23 Dec 1977 Lady Gowrie Red Cross Nursing Home Gordon reg 1978.421* Sydney Cause: Myocardial Infarction 2 years, Hypertension 2 years Cancer Prostrate, Cerebral ArterioSclerosis 2 years crem 28 Dec 1977 Rookwood late of 30 Murray St Callala Bay Informant J A Kennaway son; Informant as J Kennaway then of Kempbridge Ave Balgowlah death 1932 wife see SF and 3.14. Ivor John Kennaway m (2) 1935 Melbourne Vic Dorothy (??) LOOK

4.Ella Adele b 1904.8342 d 26 Apr 1957.10744* at 62 Seaview Street Balgowlah Cause: Acute Pulmonary Oedema 1/2 hour, Chronic Myocarditis 2 years Hypertension 10 years, Chronic Alcoholism 5 years bu 29 Apr 1957 CE Cem Manly age 53 years Informant Widower E D Morton; witness marr 1919 Agnes 3 above Stenographer Residence McPherson St Waverley m 31 Jan 1925.2455* Registrar's Office 27 Waverley St Waverley (Witnesses: E L O'Neill, D Warby) David Eric MORTON b 1897.4593 Manly d 1958.28735 Manly Cabinet Maker Informant as E D Morton then of 62 Seaview Street Balgowlah death 1957 wife NO ISSUE

5.Charles E b 1906.9088 d 1906.3507 Waverley NO ISSUE

6.Leslie John b 1907.9022 Motor Engineer d ? 25 Feb 1984 Concord late of Tamarama SMH 29 Feb 1984; witness marr 1935 Cecil C 7 below alive 1947; Residence Maroubra m 12 Oct 1940.25964* CE Ch of St Jude Randwick (Witnesses: G Parks, W Howe) Erina May (Howe) b 1912.36183 Yarra Bay reg Waterloo Machine Operator d 26 June 2003 age 91 years late of Randwick Daily Telegraph 2 Jul 2003

7.Cecil Charles b 1909.31798 alive 1947 FIND DResidence Manly French Polisher m 12 Oct 1935.18529* C E St Judes Randwick (Witnesses: L Carr, E Clough) Catherine Anne (Clough) b 1914.6768 Paddington [F Harry L Tobacco Worker M Elizabeth Jembrook] FIND D

8.Myra I b 1913.48525 d 1913.18361 Waverley NO ISSUE

2.6 ex 1.7 Family of Ella May (O'Brien) and Thomas MOONEY

1.Thomas William b 1896.492 Sydney? Witness marr 1931 Florence Kemp [2.7.2]; Informant as William death 1901 father then living 113 Key St Sydney d 23 Apr 1965.1843 *St Vincents Hospital Sydney [F Unknown] Cause: Cerebral Thrombosis age 69 years late of 6 Kimberley Street Vaucluse Hairdresser Residence Delliview Rd Bondi m 26 Mar 1921.7849* Holy Cross RC Ch Adelaide St Woollahra (Witnesses: Leslie H Rose, Myrtle Priest) Olive (Priest) Residence Bellevue Rd Bellevue Hill b 1892.7591 Richmond Vic Clerk d 1969.31249 Ryde GET CERTsee SF and 3.15

2.Male deceased DC 1901 father DC 1936 mother CHECK INDEX

2.7 ex 1.7.2 Family of Ella May (Mooney) and Felix James KEMP

1.Felix John Godfrey b 1902.2491 Paddington ? d as John Godfrey 1967.40445 Fairfield reg Parramatta age 65 years Mail Driver m with consent of Margaret McNamara, mother and guardian of bride 31 Dec 1923 reg 1924.2301* St Matthews CE Bondi reg Waverley (Witnesses: Margaret S McNamara, J A Mc McNamara) Residence both Bondi Phyllis Irene (O'Farrell) b 1904 Balmain [F Robert James O'Farrell Salesman M Margaret Burness] d as P Roberto 1960.19852 Sydney [F Robert James A M Margaret Mary M]; Informant then of 77 Underwood St Sydney/ Paddington death 1936 father in law see 3.16

2.Florence J May b 1909.9906 Waverley ?? d as Florence May 1968.28821 St Leonard [F James]CHECK VIC Informant by letter then living 13 Albert St St Kilda Vic death 1936 mother m 24 Oct 1931.14604 * St Matthews CE Bondi reg Waverley (Witnesses: Thomas Mooney [2.6.],L G Rutherford) George Albert JONES Residence Bondi b 1904.269919 Stockton [M Lillian Shoesmith] Jeweller d 1938.17260 Waverley [F Richard M Lillian] see SF

3.George James b 1911.23601 Sydney FIND DLabourer Residence Carrington Rd Waverley m with consent of Percy William Leatherby father of bride 6 Oct 1934.19299* St Mathews CE Waverley (Witnesses: A Leatherby [altered from W Gillies], N Gillies) Nellie Alwyn (Leatherby) Residence Kenilworth St Waverley brides signature N Leatherby [altered from N A Leatherby] b 1914.7012 Paddington. Marriage was dissolved 9 Jul 1947 Reg 2486/46 RG44M180 Petitioner wife 21 Aug 1947 ? d as Strahle 9 June 1989 age 74 years late of Chatham late of Maroubra SMH 12 Jan 1989.. Nellie Alwyn Kemp m (2) 7 May 1949.10380* District Registrar's Office Redfern under Marriage Act 1899-1934 (Witnesses: A Faul, T Cole) both of 4 Ormond St Bondi Edwin Norman STRAHLE b c 1911 New York City USA [F Charles Edward Strahle Pipe Fitter M Bertha Eisele] divorced Kiln Operator

4.Myee b 1914.9424 Waverley d 1914.3491 Waverley NO ISSUE

5.Female d pre 1936 [DC mother] CHECK INDEX

Third Generation

3.1 ex 2.1.2 Family of Ivy Muriel (Southcombe) and Christopher LANE

All births Muswellbrook

1.Christopher Alfred b 1912.32005 d 1976.100442 NSW GET CERT

2.Gabrielle b 1913.44807 ? d as Eileen G 10 Oct 1986 age 71 years late of Panania formerly of Bankstown SMH 13 Oct 1986; Informant then living 70 Dumaresq St Hamilton death 1960 uncle Bertrand P Southcombe [2.1.4] m with consent of Albert George Chiplin guardian of minors and Christopher Lane father of bride 1 Nov 1929 St Marys RC Newcastle reg 1930.15409* Newcastle (Witnesses: R Stewart, L Bond) Norman STEWART b 1911.22938 Wickham

3.Cedric John b 1917.32628 Hairdresser Returned Soldier AIF ? d 7 Sep 2004 age 87 years at Lingard Hospital late of Georgetown Newcastle Herald 9 Sep 2004 Residence 149 Denison St Hamilton m 10 Nov 1945.22877* St Andrews Presb Newcastle (Witnesses Don R Hill, D Gowland, J H Gowland, J E Dimmock) Audrey Dorothy (Hill) Residence 12 Sparks Lane Newcastle b c 1918 Newcastle

4.Judith M b 1920

5.Peter E b 1926 twin of 6? m as Peter Ellis 1950.11704 Hamilton Margaret Jean (Rickard) GET CERT

6.Paul J b 1926 twin of 5

3.2 ex 2.1.3 Family of Ellis Herbert SOUTHCOMBE and Pearlie Wilson (Day)

1.Frances Lillian b 1915.24524 Muswellbrook [M Pearl] FIND D ? d 7 Nov 1998 age 83 years late of Castle Hill SMH 9 Nov 1998; Informant as I Pritchard then living 50 Anderson St Belmore death 1964 father m 17 Feb 1940.2086* St Peters CE Hamilton (Witnesses: E H Southcombe, B?=P Southcombe) Neville PRITCHARD Residence Belmore Chemist b 1913.39477 West Maitland ? one of twins ? d 27 June 1998 85 years late of Castle Hill SMH 29 June 1998 see 4.1

2.Raymond Ellis b 1917.12293 Muswellbrook [M Pearl]; Elec Roll 1984 Gwydir Muswellbrook living 6 Cook St Labourer m with consent of parents of bride and groom [named on cert] 16 May 1935.7713* Rosebrook CE near M'brook (Witnesses: Ellis H Southcombe, Annie Tucker) Doris/Dorothea Esme (Wilton) b 1918.35379 Muswellbrook d as Dorothea Esma 1960.27492 Muswellbrook [F Reginald M Hilda Maud] see SF and 4.2

3.Betty b 1920 d 1949.19436 Coonamble m 1947.1222 Muswellbrook George Robert RICHARDSON d ? 7 Apr 1970 age 52 years late of Adamstown Heights SMH 9 April 1970 see 4.3

4.George Charles b 24 Feb 1924 d 10 Feb 1964.12777 Muswellbrook m 7 Aug 1947.21380 Muswellbrook Aileen (Bruce) FIND see 4.4 Electoral Roll Gwydir Muswellbrook 1984 at 20 Bligh St with Colin & Caroline Southcombe [4.2.2]

3.3 ex 2.1.5 Family of Liliane Kate (Southcombe) and Charles Reginald PHILLIPS

1.Beth Ann b 1922 M'brook; Witness marr 1951 sister Ruth 3 below; witness m 1851 sister Ruth 3 below Ledger Keeper Residence 4 Owen St Willoughby m 29 Jul 1949.16567* St Stephens CE Willoughby reg Chatswood (Witnesses: C Derwin, R Phillips) Henry Stewart DERWIN Residence 328 High St Chatswood b c 1915 Brookvale [F Cornelius Lift Driver M Marjorie Stewart] Telephone Linesman ? d 22 Dec 1979 late of Forestville SMH 24 Dec 1979 see 4.5

2.William Alfred b 1924 M'brook Informant then of 2 Anne St Frenchs Forest death 1967 father Company Secretary Residence 4 Owen St Willoughby m 12 Sep 1952.18559* St Stephens CE Willoughby reg Chatswood (Witnesses: W T Rorke, S Worboys) Ruth (Milgrove) Residence 38 Hollywood Crescent Willoughby b 1929 Willoughby [MC] [ F Charles Edmund Retired Compositor M Amy Ruth Johnston deceased] Stenographer see 4.6

3.Ruth Jennifer b 1926 Maitland witness marr 1949 sister Beth 1 above m as R Jenny 15 Sep 1951.19518* St Stephens CE Willoughby reg Chatswood (Witnesses: D Phillips, B Derwin) Residence both 4 Owen St Willoughby Harold HOWARD b c 1926 Manchester England Carpenter [F not stated M Florence Elizabeth Howard] see 4.7

4.Keith Charles b c 1932 Newcastle Fitter Residence 4 Owen St Willoughby m with consent of Thelma M Forrest 3 Apr 1954.10007* St Thomas CE North Sydney (Witnesses: E Weir, Leonard S Main) Shirley Jean (Forrest) Residence 129 Edinburgh Road Castlecrag b c 1935 Sydney Process Worker [F Henry Arthur deceased Die Setter M Thelma Florence Margaret Potts] Marriage dissolved 31 Dec 1981 Suit No S2180/80 see 4.8

Some details of this family are from Pam Wellham

3.4 ex 2.2.4 Family of Lilian May (Stevens) and Frederick Henry WHAITE

1.Living male b 9 May 1912.34549 St. Leonards NSW m 14 Dec 1943 reg 1944.72 St Phillips Church Hill reg Sydney NSW Olive (Cato) b 30 Apr 1920 Adelaide SA d 18 Aug 2008 Oatley NSW see 4.9

2.Frederick Richard "Dick" b 14 Dec 1914.50300 Alfred St North Sydney reg St. Leonards d 21 June 1974 in the street Sydney Cause:Myocardial Degeneration with Valvular disease 6 Years, Sub Acute Bacterial Endocarditis 6 years Probate 1974/783553 Shipping Clerk m 22 Oct 1937.16895 St. Phillips Church Sydney Janet Argent (Aitken) b 11 June 1919 Manly d 17 Dec 1996 Beecroft see 4.10

3.Thomas Maitland b 23 Dec 1919.58299* Vulture St South Bris Qld Informant father then living "Lyndhurst" Stanley St South Brisbane d 24 Apr 1986 Port Macquarie Letters of Admin ??? NSW m 24 Nov 1948.3236 Sydney (Witnesses: Daniel Bailey, F Whaite, Lilian May Whaite, Rose Caroline Bailey) Joy Lilian (Bailey) b 19 May 1922 Enfield M'sex England arrived Sydney 26 Aug 1926 on "Ballaarat" see 4.11

4.Jack Maitland b 4 Aug 1924.19878* North Carlton Vic d 19 Aug 1924.10983* Palace Hotel Bourke St Melbourne Cause: Bronchitis Debility Heart Failure 3-4 days age 2 weeks bu 20 Aug 1924 Brighton Cem Vic NO ISSUE

3.5 ex Family of Lena Mary (Stevens) and Benjamin HICKLING

1.Lucy Alma Jean b 1908.15540 Maitland witness 1927 wedding Adele 2 below d 22 May 1984 bu Cem East Maitland m with consent in writing of Benjamin Hickling father of bride as Alma L J 4 Feb 1928.3393*Pt C E St Peters East Maitland (Witnesses: B Hickling, H J Peacock) Arthur William SAMS b 17 Mar 1905.14589* Pt Raymond Terrace Rd E M d 20 May 1984 bu Cem East Maitland see 4.12

2.Adele b 26 Apr 1910.16487 Maitland d 14 Apr 1996 m with consent of Benjamin Hickling father of bride and Sarah Ann Cotterill mother of groom 8 Oct 1927.19896* St Peter C of E E M (Witnesses: Jean Hickling, A W Sams ) Residence Hinton Henry John PEACOCK Carpenter b 1907.24840 Hillgrove witness marr 1928 Lucy AJ 1 above div marriage dissolved 17 June 1954 List No 2554 see 4.13. Henry John Peacock Residence 187 George St EM m (2) 1 Sep 1954.19694* Meth EM (Witnesses: Cecilia McLeod, John Dewer McLeod) Maude (Birrell) Residence 212 High St EM b c 1907 Cape Town South Africa widow [F Charles Arthur Love Storekeeper deceased M Annie Florence Robnott deceased]. Adele Peacock m (2) 1954.18619 M as Frank Frank Richard MATE b 1912 Clarence Town FIND ? d 1964.23069 Raymond Terrace [F Frank M Elsie Maud]. F R Mate m (1) 1937.9174 Newcastle Doreen (Sainty) divorced

3.6 ex Family of Benjamin HICKLING and Elizabeth May (Jones)

1.Lorna Alice b 1912.44927 East Maitland d 21 Dec 1944.28344* Maitland Hospital reg West Maitland Cause: Myocarditis 3 days, Typhoid Fever 6 weeks bu 22 Dec 1944 CE Cem East Maitland Usual Residence: Shire of Port Stephens Informant Father B Hickling of Post Office Hinton m 26 Oct 1935.20871* CE Pt St Pauls West Maitland (Witnesses: J H Hoban, J Hickling) Francis Charles Dalkeith RAMPLING b 1910.40162 West Maitland [M Ada Ann Meek] see 4.14

2.Kenneth b 1915.8511 East Maitland Informant then of 21 Warringhi St Raymond Terrace death 1976 mother m 1941.28574 Raymond Terrace Maureen Lily (Hughes) see 4.15

3.Iris Joan "Joan" b 1917.20055 East Maitland Maitland ? d 30 Oct 1998 late of Matraville and Maroubra Sydney Daily Telegraph 2 Nov 1998 m 1939.25460 West Maitland Kenneth Stephen WHITEHOUSE ? d 4 Oct 2002 age 86 years late of Lorn Newcastle Herald 3 Oct 2002, Funeral 3-4 Oct 2002 Maitland Mercury

4.John Den/nis b c 1920 joined RAN alive 1976 death mother lives Thornleigh m (1) 1943.9766 East Maitland Eva Isabel (Adams) divorced see 4.16. John Dennis Hickling m (2) 1950.23722 Burwood Lillian (Minton) alive 1976 ? d 9 Feb 1997 late of Hornsby SMH 11 Feb 1999

5.Richard Donald b c 1926 alive 1976 death mother m 1952.4386 Nancy Elizabeth (Cotterill) b FIND both Electoral Roll Aug 2002 living 62 Porter Ave East Maitland ?? also Christopher Paul, Gregory Benjamin and Margaret Anne living 98 Porter Ave East Maitland

6.Douglas Barry b c 1928 d pre 1997 m 1951.3896 Maitland Norma June (Stein)

3.7 ex 2.2.7 Family of (Effie) Jean (Stevens) and Charles Henry SNOWDON

1.Patricia Jean b 1913.44519 Petersham d 18 Sep 1991 ? Sydney m 1937.5640 Sydney Phillip Hubert SOLOMON b 15 Apr 1912.14651 Tennyson Rd Mortlake reg Burwood d ? early 1996 see 4.17

2.Kemplay Place b c 1924 North Sydney d ? Jul 1996 Cairns Qld Residence "Marulan" Haughton St Lane Cove Informant then of Beaumont Road Mt Kuringai death 1957 Father m According to Marriages Act 1899 -1934 on 30 Nov 1946.26119* entry 159 District Registrars Office Chatswood Joan Joy (Webb) Residence 25 The Crescent Lane Cove b c 1925 London England came to Australia c 1937 see SF and 4.18

3.8 ex 2.2.8 Family of Ivy (Louise) (Stevens) and Edward Sykes DAVIES

1.Robert Henry b 1917.4317 St Leonards d 21 Sep 1978.22473* Nepean District Hospital Penrith Cause: 1 Cardiac Arrest 2. Myocardial Infarct 1 week 3. Ischaemic Heart Disease, Chronic Bronchitis, Left Pneumothorax cren 22 Sep 1978 Pine Grove Memorial Park Crem age 61 years late of 345 Macquarie Road Springwood Gardener [SMH 22 Sep 1978] age 61 years late of Springwood SMH 22 Sep 1978; served in Crete-Greece campaign WWII [per Philip Whaite] Informant living Flat 3/ 72 Dolphin St Coogee death 1971 mother m 1944.5197 Coogee reg Randwick Lloma Leilah (King) b c 1925 Waverley d 8 Feb 1987.4589* Concord Repat Hospital late of 345 Macquarie Rd Springwood Cause: Pneumonia 1 week, Metastatic Cancer 2 months crem 11 Feb 1987 Pine Grove Crem Eastern Creek see 4.19

2.Pamela Mary b 20 Oct 1927 Rose Bay m 20 Nov 1948 St Nicholas C of E Coogee reg 1948.26463 Randwick Raymond John "Jack" WALL b 19 Apr 1924 Ashfield see SF and 4.20

3.9 ex 2.3.2 Family of Charles Arthur Shoolbread ELLIS and Violet Florence Lenore (Young)

1.Daphne Irene b 1903.33682 Randwick alive 1952 Shop Assistant Residence 3 Cambridge St North Sydney m 29 Dec 1930.16496* St Marys CE Waverley (Witnesses: Amy Riley, N M Clout) Tasman Lyell CROSS [index CROPP] Residence 74 Belgrave St Waverley b c 1899 Queenstown Tas [F Harry Walter Cropp deceased Plumber M Mary Jane Bert] Engineer

2.Dorothy Madge b 1909.19272 Springwood witness marr 1938 Pervical A 4 below alive 1952 m 1935.13358 Thomas J SIMPSON

3.Sidney H b 1913.11207 Springwood witness marr 1938 Percival A 4 below alive 1952 ? d as Sidney 19 apr 1998 SMH 30 april 1993

4.Percival Arthur b 1915.51109 Springwood [North Sydney MC] Salesman ? d 5 Oct 1984 late of Enfield SMH 9 Oct 1984 Residence 10 Dellview St Bondi m 24 Dec 1938 Emmanuel CE Lawson reg 1938.21443* Katoomba (Witnesses Sydney H Ellis, Dorothy Simpson) Charlotte Alice (Reid) [Reed index] Residence 54 Tranmere St Drummoyne b 1917.3956 Gladesville reg Ryde [F Alfred James Painter M Alice Irwin] see SF

3.10 ex 2.4.2 Family of Herbert Cyril PEPPER and Dorothy Kathleen (Symonds)

1.Eileen Louisa b c 1919 Tomerong ? d 16 Mar 1983 age 64 years Sydney late of Nowra SMH 18 March 1983 Residence Nowra m 21 Mar 1940.9981* All Saints CE Nowra (Witnesses HC Pepper, D K Pepper) Henry James EVANS Residence Tomerong b c 1917 Gilgandra ? d 27 Dec 2008 age 91 years late of Gerringong and Nowra Illawarra Mercury 30 Dec 2008; Probate 11 Feb 2009 late of Gerringong Kiama Independent 11 Feb 2009 [F Henry James Labourer M Emily Matilda Sullivan] Fisherman

2.Jean Rachael b c 1922 Nowra Residence East St Nowra m with consent of H C & D K Pepper 2 Nov 1940.26229* St Josephs RC Rozelle (Witnesses: J Renneberg, L Lunn) Alexander Murdoch RENNEBERG Residence Rankin St Balmain b c 1919 Cork Ireland ? d 11 May 1996 age 76 years formerly of Balmain SMH 13 May 1996 [F Alexander Rigger ? d 26 Oct 1970 age 80 years late of Rozelle SMH 27 Oct 1970 M Ellen Spillane] Timber Worker

3.Elvie b c Deceased ?? d as \elvie Pearl Wellman 29 May 1973 late of Narrabeen SMH 30 May 1973

4.Alfred b c 1927 m wrong 1948.19690 Rockdale Gladys Irene Findlay

5.Essie b c 1930 Nowra Machinist Residence 31 East St Nowra m with consent of HC & DK Pepper 18 Dec 1949.6262* All Saints CE Nowra (Witnesses: E P Pepper, A Brown) Kenneth Francis BROWN Residence 6 View St Nowra b c 1927 Hunters Hill Sawyer [F Arthur Joseph Sawyer M Emily Ruth Horsham]

6.Herbert Frederick b c 1932 Nowra Labourer Residence 97 East St Nowra m with consent of HC & DK Pepper and W & AM Bartlett 20 Sep CE St Peter & St Paul Milton reg Nowra 1952.21061* (Witnesses: A H Pepper, V Wheatley) Wilma Margaret (Bartlett) Residence Princes Highway Milton b c 1933 Nowra [F William Labourer M Agnes Mary McCarthy] ? d 26 Mar 2001 age 68 years late of Flinders Illawarra mercury 28 March 2001

7.Dorothy b c 1937 Nowra ? d 20 Dec 1990 late of Casino Northern Star (Lismore) 21 Dec 1990 Residence 97 East St Nowra m with consent of Herbert Cyril & Dorothy Kathleen Pepper as Dorothy Elizabeth 9 Feb 1955.5782* (Witnesses: HC Pepper, D K Pepper) All Saints CE Nowra John Matthew HYLAND Residence 97 East St Nowra b c 1933 Cobargo [F William Gordon Forester M Doreen Lavinia Caroline Whiffen] Forest Foreman Marr Dissolved 12 June 1876 Suit C583/76 ACT

3.11 ex 2.4.6 Family of Essie Alexandra (Symonds) and Walter Bradford EASTON

1.Walter R b c 1925 ? d as W Reginald 10 June 1987 late of Cremorne SMH 11 June 1987; informant then of 47 Rangers Road Cremorne death 1976 mother

2.Ennis M b c 1930-3 alive 1976 ? d as Ennis Margaret 20 May 2008 SMH, Canberra Times 24 May 2008

3.Ruth L b c 1940-4 alive 1976

3.12 ex 2.4.7 Family of John Doyle SYMONDS and Madeline Mary (Senior)

1.Joan M b ? d 1932.20505 Berry

3.13 ex 2.5.1 Family of Alexander Cyril CARR and Edith (Rimmer)

1.Delcie Allison b c 1923 Clovelly alive 1970 Wireless Telegraphist Residence Maroubra m 5 Jul 1943.18451 C E St Jude Randwick (Witnesses: I Parks, A C Carr) Keith Albert BURRELL Residence Newport Vic b c 1921 Camperdown NSW Mechanical Engineer [F Albert Walter Alexander Chief Engineer M Vera Price] see 4.21

2.Alexander b c 1933 alive 1970

3.14 ex 2.5.3 Family of Agnes Vera (Carr) and Ivor John KENNAWAY

1.John Alexander b c 1921 ? d 22 Jul 2002 late of Putney WMH 24 July 2002; Informant then of 8/44 Albert Parade Ashfield death 1977 father m 1951.23216 Sydney Vilma Sylvia (Bennett)

2.William Walter b c 1922 d 1975.29181 Marrickville age 53 years m 1944.5170 Randwick Merle (Morris)

3.15 ex 2.6.1 Family of Thomas William MOONEY and Olive (Priest)

1.Valerie Olive b ? d 1925.13427 Waverley [M Olive M] NO ISSUE

2.Alan Thomas b c 1925 informant then of 204 Military Road Dover Heights death 1965 death father m 1950.17003 Paddington Isabel Therese (Baker)

3.16 ex 2.7.1 Family of Felix John Godfrey KEMP and Phyllis Irene (OFarrell)

1.Ronald James Godfrey b & d 13 June 1927.8216* Royal Hospital for Women Paddington Cause: Asphyxia Pallida age 45 minutes bu 15 June 1927 Indep (Baptist) Rookwood Cem NO ISSUE

Details of further generations are available on request for family members, where "see 4. ......" is shown at the end of the entry