The Whaite Family History

From Coddington to Sydney NSW via Manchester

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posted 6 August 2010



This tree is the Father's Side of Maternal Line of Joy L Bailey see 5.9.1 in this tree


Much of the research for this family has been done by Sally Painter


Charles PAINTER m Hannah (??) living Par Rochester St Nicholas Kent 1786


First Generation those known

1 Family of Charles PAINTER and Hannah (??) those known

1.James b 14 Aug 1786 bp 17 Sep 1786 Rochester St Nicholas* also IGI Kent 1988 p16658 1839 Pigot Direct London & Subs Addenda Coach & Tyre Smith living 14 Little Wild St d 8 Oct 1851 14 Little Wild St Cause: Phthisis/Aneurism Informant Elizabeth Painter ?dau/dau-in-law SD South St Giles reg Dec Qtr 1851 1.65* St Giles in the Fields & St George Bloomsbury age 66 years m pre 1808 Ann (??) ? d pre 1841 Census see 2.1

2. Charles bp 25 May 1788 Strood near Rochester IGI Kent p 16657

Census 7 June 1841 HO 107/673/7 F 40 at Little Wild St James age 55 years Smith, Thomas son age 15 years Smith

Census 30 March 1851 HO 107/1508 Sched 288: at 14 Little Wild St James Painter age 64 years Coach Spring Maker, Mary Ann dau age 32 years b Sussex, Thomas son below and family

1865London Commercial Directory: Painter James Coach Smith 14 Little Wild St St Lincolns Inn Fields WC

3. ? Henry James bu 20 Sep 1804 St Andrew


Second Generation

2.1 ex 1.1 Family of James PAINTER and Ann (??)

All baptisms St Andrew Holborn London

1. ? Henry James bu 20 Sep 1804 St Andrew Holborn late of Whitefriars now EC4

2. John bp 9 Feb 1808* parents living Field Lane ? d 13 May 1869 entry 496 Workhouse Vinegar Yard reg June qtr 1869 St Giles 1b.324* Cause: Softening of Brain age 67 years Informant J Rawtily? Master Workhouse Journeyman Tailor

3. Mary Ann b 6 Nov 1809 Field Lane bp 2 Apr 1810* ?? d Sep Qtr Shoreditch 1872.1c.80 age 71 years

Census 30 March 1851 Mary Ann living 14 Little Wild St Finsbury entry 288 age 32 said to be born Sussex

4. Ann bp 1 Mar 1812* parents living Union Court

5.James bp 25 Dec 1813 entry 930* parents living Union Building Saffron Hill

6. William b 14 June 1818 bp 14 Feb 1819 entry 475* parents living Shoe Lane Father Blacksmith

7.Thomas b 28 Sep 1820 Shoe Lane bp 29 Oct 1820 entry 723 d 23 Jan 1875 entry 85 at 8 Vine St, Liquorpond St SD St Andrews East reg Mar Qtr 1875 Holborn 1b.483* Cause: Bronchitis age 54 years Informant Caroline Painter X her mark widow of deceased present at death Coachsmith m after Banns 25 Dec 1845 Par Ch St Mary Lambeth Surrey both signed X mark (Witnesses: John Croll, Mary Croll) Dec Qtr 1845 Lambeth 4.367* Residence both Lambeth Walk Caroline (Croll) b 16 June 1822 bp 10 Jul 1822 St Pancras Old Church p 227 entry 1807* (Somers Town) d 27 Aug 1890 entry 323 at 17 Chapel Row SD Amwell reg Sep Qtr 1890 Holborn 1b.446* Cause: Ulcerated Leg, Pneumonia age 67 years Informant Hannah Letitia Herbert X her mark present at death; Informant then of 8 Vine St Liquorpond St death 1875 husband see 3.1

Census 7 June 1841 HO107/673/7Folio 40 Thomas age 15 years Smith living with F James at 14 Little Wild St

Census 7 June 1841 H0107/732 Book 15 f 28 p 15 St George Hanover Square Westminster: Brazium House : Caroline Croll 20 Servant b 1821 Mdx

Both living Census 30 March 1851 HO 107/1508 p 317 Sched 290 Finsbury: at 14 Little Wild St

8. Elizabeth b 29 Dec 1827 at 14 Shoe Lane bp 26 Dec 1830 entry 3706*; ? Informant X her mark then of 14 Little Wild St death 1851 father James

9. Hannah b 7 Mar 1830 at 14 Shoe Lane bp 26 Dec 1830 entry 3707* ? d pre 1841 Census


Third Generation

3.1 ex 2.1.7 Family of Thomas PAINTER and Caroline (Croll)

1.Susan Caroline b 28 Jan 1845 entry 385 at 6 Chapel Place [just off Liverpool Road Islington] SD Sth St Giles in the Fields reg Mar Qtr 1845 St Giles 1c.80* ? d Sep 1911 Islington 1b.249 age 65 years;? witness X her mark marr 1894 son George Edward; m after Banns 17 Apr 1870 Trinity Ch Par of Trinity Grays Inn Road reg June 1870 Holborn 1b.1006* (Witnesses: Eliza Croll, W Croll) James CASHMAN of Trinity Parish age 22 ? b Sep qtr 1847 Holborn 2.13? [F John Cashman Printer] ? d Sep qtr 1917 West Ham 4a.144 age 70 years; witness marr 1893 son Henry Charles; witness marr 1894 son George Edward see 4.1

2.James bp St Giles in the Fields ? reg Mar Qtr 1847.1.8 St Giles Printer full age m 16 Dec 1872 entry 203 St James the Great Bethnal Green reg Dec qtr 1872 Bethnal Green 1c.606* (Witnesses: Caroline Power, Emma Edwards) Mary (Power) full age [F William Power Labourer] see 4.2

3. Thomas b c 1847 possibly as Thomas John Mar Qtr 1849.1.99 St Giles? d Dec qtr 1857 St Giles 1b.258 NO ISSUE

4. Charles b c 1849 possibly reg June qtr 1850 St Lukes 2.323 d Sep qtr 1851 St Lukes 2.212/June qtr 1857 St Giles 1.214 NO ISSUE

All the above Census 30 March 1851 HO - 107-1508 p 317 Sched 290 Finsbury: at 14 Little Wild Street

5.Henry Charles b 22 Jul 1851 at 14 Little Wild St South St Giles reg Sep qtr 1851 St Giles 1.81 Stonegrainer 1872/5, Printers Stoker 1879, Stoker 1887 Printers Gas and Mech Engineer age 21 d 8 Feb 1925 Napsbury Asylum reg Mar qtr 1925 St Albans 3a.967* [Herts] Cause: Morbis Cordis (Aortic Valve) many years previously at Edmonton Union age 74 years Informant A O'Neill Medical Superintendent Stoker & Engine Driver; witness marr 1881 sister Hannah L 7 below, witness marr 1884 John William 8 below; Residence 25 Castle St Shoreditch X his mark m after Banns 17 Nov 1872 St James Shoreditch entry 375 reg Dec qtr 1872 Shoreditch 1c.238* (Witnesses Henry Holdsworth, Lucy Holdsworth) Sarah (Holdsworth) age 18 Residence 27 Castle St Shoreditch b 30 Jan 1855 at 4 Kings Arms Yd St Giles Cripplegate bp 16 Feb 1855 Finsbury St Thomas Charterhouse d 6 June 1935 entry 293 North Middlesex County Hospital reg June qtr 1935 Edmonton 3a.808* Cause: Broncho Pneumonia Arterio Sclerosis Senility late of 22 Glenville Ave Enfield bu Lavendar Hill Cem Enfield Grave 754 Section C Con age 80 years Informant dau E M Bennett; witness marr 1884 John W 8 below see 4.3

6. Thomas b Sep Qtr 1854.1b.345 St Giles ? d Sep qtr 1858 Marylebone 1a.282 NO ISSUE

7.Hannah Letitia b 27 Mar 1858 14 Little Wild St June Qtr 1858 1b 356* St Giles Father Blacksmith [bp as Anna Letitia 18 Apr 1858 Par Holy Trinity Kingsway Holborn IGI]; witness as Annie Herbert Marr 1887 George Edward 11 below; Informant then of 11 Wilson Place death 1890 mother m 18 Dec 1881 entry 165 High Cross Congreg Tottenham reg Dec Qtr 1881 Edmonton 3a.427* (Witnesses: Henry Painter, Emma Herbert) Residence both 10 Markfield Terrace Page Green Tottenham Charles William HERBERT b Dec qtr 1857 Pancras 1b.64 bp 7 Oct 1857 St Thomas Charterhouse Finsbury [F David M Mary Ann] Carman [F David Herbert Dyer MC] ? d Sep qtr 1922 Shoreditch 1c.84 age 66 years/ June qtr 1938 Poplar 1c.285 age 80 years see 4.4

8.John William b June Qtr 1860.1b. 372 St Giles Engine Driver, Stone Grinder 1886 m 25 Dec 1884 entry 16 St Pauls Clerkenwell (Witnesses: Henry Painter, Sarah Painter) reg Dec Qtr 1884 Holborn 1b.1090* Martha (Bronson) Residence both Whitecross St [off South side Clerkenwell Road] b c 1863 [F William Wright Carman] ? as M Bronson June qtr 1864 Holborn 1b.515 see 4.5

9. William b Sep Qtr 1861.1b.429

10. Thomas Edward b 7 June 1862 at 14 Little Wild St reg Sep Qtr 1862.1b.389* SD St Giles South RD St Giles Informant Mother signed X her mark [F Journeyman Coachsmith]; witness as Thomas m 1887 George Edward 9 below

Census 5 April 1891 RG12/1072 f 42 p 28 Tottenham: at West Green Road off Broad Lane N15 Thomas Painter Lodger 28 b ...... Printer with brother in law C W Herbert;

Census 31 March 1901 not at West Ham, Fulham maybe RG13/362 f 34 p 7 at 96 Southwark Street St Savoiur Southwark; Thomas Painter Lodger Single 37 Waterside Lab b St Lukes

11.George Edward b 1865 St Giles ? bp 14 May 1865 Holy Trinity Kingsway Holborn reg June qtr 1865 St Giles 1b.463 Coachman m 28 Feb 1887 entry 226 St Pauls Clerkenwell (Witnesses: Thomas Painter X his mark [3.1.10], Annie Herbert x her mark [3.1.7]) reg Mar Qtr 1887.1b.725* Holborn both of 143 Gee St Sarah (Buston) b c 1867 St Pancras [F John Thomas Buston Traveller] see 4.6


Census 30 Mar 1851 HO.107/1508 f 62 p317 Sched 290 St Giles in the Fields Finsbury most b St Giles: at 14 Little Wild St: Thomas Painter Head 28 Smith, Caroline wife 26 b Somers Town, Susan dau 7, James son 4, Charles son 2

Census 7 April 1861 RG9/169 f 97 p 71/69 Sched 509 St Giles: at 14 Little Wild St most births St Giles Thomas Painter age 36 Coach Smith, Caroline age 33 b St Pancras, Susan age 16 Maid Servant, James age 14 Printer Compositor, Henry C age 9 Runner at Doctors, Hannah L age 3 Scholar, John W age 1

Census 2 April 1871 RG10/387 f 64 p 68 Clerkenwell SD Amwell: at Baybes Court all births Bloomsbury =St Giles: Painter Thomas Head 47 Coach Smith, Caroline 44, James 25 Printer, Henry 20 Printer, Hannah 13, John 11, Thomas 9, George 7

Census 4 April 1881 RG 11/0195 f 21 p 10 St Pancras: at 14 Wilson Place Caroline Painter Widow age 54 Monthly Nurse (SMS), Hannah L (Hamish L in Cs) age 23 Box Maker (Paper), John W age 21 Printers Assistant, George E age 16 Printers Asstnt, Thomas age 19 Printers ?(Asstnt)


Fourth Generation

4.1 ex 3.1.1 Family of Susan Caroline (Painter) and James CASHMAN

1. James John b 18 Dec 1871 entry 481at 3 Bath Row Clerkenwell [no record now = EC1] reg Mar qtr 1872 Holborn 1b.659* Informant Mother Susan Caroline Cashman X her mark? d June qtr 1875 Holborn 1b.406 age 3 years NO ISSUE

2.George Edward b Mar qtr 1873 Holborn 1b.695; witness marr 1893 sister Caroline 3 below Printer Machine Minder m 11 Mar 1894 entry 115 Par Ch St Mark Old Street ]EC1] reg Mar qtr 1894 Shoreditch 1c.207* (Witnesses: James Cashman, Susan Caroline Cashman X her mark) Residence both 10 James St Ada Annie (Arnold) ? b June qtr 1873 London C 1c.36; witness m 1893 Caroline E 3 below see 5.1

3.Caroline Elizabeth b Sep qtr 1874 Holborn 1b.645 Residence 141 Queens Rd Plaistow E13 m 2 Apr 1893 entry 493 Par Ch Plaistow reg June qtr 1893 West Ham 4a.118* (Witnesses: George Edward Cashman, Ada Arnold) Ernest Alfred POULTON Residence 2 Stanley St b c 1873 Labourer [F Frederick Poulton Blacksmith] ? d Dec qtr 1899 West Ham 4a.134 age 25 years see 5.2. Caroline Elizabeth Poulton m (2) Dec qtr 1907 West Ham 4a.502 Charles RANDALL see 5.2a

4.Henry Charles ? b Mar qtr 1876 Holborn 1b.717 [1873 MC] Dock Labourer Residence 109 Lever St EC1 [crossed by Ironmongers Row] m 7 Aug 1893 entry 45 Par Ch St Mark Old Street EC1 reg Sep qtr 1893 Shoreditch 1c.255* (Witnesses: James Cashman, Sarah Bulmer) Mary Ann Elizabeth (Unwin) Residence 32 Ironmonger Row b 1868 Canning Town/ 1873 MC [F George Arnold deceased Book Binder] ? b as Mary Elizabeth June qtr 1870 Edmonton 3a.215 see 5.3

5. John William b June qtr 1878 Holborn 1b.708 alive Census 1901

6. Louisa b Mar qtr 1880 Holborn 1b.775 ? d Sep qtr 1883 Holborn 1b.391 age 3 years NO ISSUE

7. James ? [Tom 1891 Census] b Mar qtr Holborn 1b.762 alive Census 1901

8. Ernest b Mar qtr 1884 Holborn 1b. 719 alive Census 1901

9. Frederick Thomas b Mar qtr 1886 Holborn 1b.719 alive Census 1901

10. Albert b June qtr 1890 Holborn 1b.645 alive Census 1901

Census 3 April 1881 RG11/0351 f114 p8 London/Mdx [initials only] : at 179 Farringdon Buildings J Cashman Head 33 years b Holborn Printing Machine Minder, S wife 33 years b Holborn, G son 8 years b Clerkenwell, C dau [? 3 above] 6 years b Clerkenwell, H son 5 years b Clerkenwell, J son 3 years b Clerkenwell, L dau 1 year b Clerkenwell

Census 5 April 1891 RG12/1327 f 137 p32 West Ham [badly bombed WWII]: at 6 Stanley St James Cashman Head 43 b Holborn Machine Minder, Susan wife 43 b St Giles London, George 18 Machine Minder Apprentice, Caroline 16 Caramel Wrapper, Harry [Henry] 15 Printers Layer On, John son 13, Tom son 9, Ernest son 7, Fred son 5, Albert son 1

Census 31 March 1901 RG13/1603 f 75 p 33 East Ham: at 14 Abbott Road most born Holborn: James Cashman Head Printer 53, Susan C wife 53 b St Giles, John son 19 Carman, Ernest 17 Gen Labourer, Frederick 15 Gen Labourer, Albert 10

Census 2 April 1911 /RG14/1264 RG78/43 RD14 SD3 ED16 SN166 Holborn: at 13 Clarence Place, Central Street EC London: James Cashman Head 63 Printers Machine Minder b Holborn, Susan wife 65 b St Giles married 41 years, John Single 33 Carman b Clerkenwell, Albert son Single 21 Printers Packer b Holborn


4.2 ex 3.1.2 Family of James PAINTER and Mary (Power)

1. James William b June qtr 1871 Holborn 1b.575 Census 1901 Single with family

2.Mary Caroline b Mar qtr 1873 Holborn 1b.669 m by Certificate 17 Apr 1892 St Francis de Peles R C Chapel reg June qtr 1892 Edmonton 3a.541* (Witnesses: James Painter, Mary Painter) Charles Philip TILLETT Residence 32 Mar?bot Street Edmonton age 19 years Drapers Assistant b c 1873 Islington [F Charles House Decorator deceased] see 5.4

3.Elizabeth b Mar qtr 1875 Holborn 1b.685 d Sep qtr 1903 Edmonton 3a.200 age 28 years m after Banns 25 Dec Par Ch Tottenham reg Dec qtr 1895 Edmonton (Witnesses: John Maurice Ahearn, Ethel Daisy Hawkins) 3a.544* Reuben Thomas VERRALL Residence 3 Seales Road age 19 [F John Reuben deceased Hatter] b 1877 Southwark reg June qtr 1878 St Saviour; witness marr 1897 brother in law William 4 below see 5.5. Reuben T Verrall m (2) Sep qtr 1907 Islington 1b.598 Lydia Isabell (Hawkins) b 1882 Rochester reg June qtr 1882 Medway 2a.-35 Kent see 5.5a

4.William b 16 Feb 1877 entry 125 at 21 Eagle St by Red Lion Square [should be St now WC1] SD St George the Martyr & St Andrew reg Mar qtr 1877 Holborn 1b.697* m by License 2 May St Francis de ? Lales RC Ch reg June qtr 1897 Edmonton 3a.717* (Witnesses: Elizabeth Verrall, Reuben Verrall Alice (Hatchett) Residence both 8 Stoneley Road Bruce Grove Tottenham age 19 years b Chesham ? reg June qtr 1879 Amersham Bucks 3a.504 [F Joseph Water Cress Seller] see 5.6

5.Samuel b Sep qtr 1879 Holborn 1b.709

6. Mary b c 1879 1881 Census

7. Annette Elizabeth b Mar qtr 1884 Edmonton 3a.367

8. Charles Richard b Mar qtr 1889 Edmonton 3a.328

9. Francis Albert b Mar qtr 1893 Tottenham reg Edmonton 3a.397

Census 3 April 1881 RG11/0341 f 52 p32 Mdx at 27 Laystall St London EC1 [just off Roseberry Avenue]; James Painter Head 35 b St Giles Painter, Mary wife 31 Flower Seller (Costermonger) [no birthplace] James son age 10 years b Holborn, William son 4 b Holborn, Mary dau age 2 years b Holborn,

Census 5 April 1891 RG12/1070 f 120 p93 Edmonton: at 8 Stoneley Road Tottenham [just off Tottenham High Road opposite Bruce Grove station]: James Painter Head 44 Machine Printer b St Giles, Mary wife 39 b St Giles, Mary C 18 Cloth Holder India Rubber Mills b St Andrews, James son 19 Beer Bottler b St Andrews, William 14 b St Andrews, Samuel 11 b St Andrews, (H)Annah 8 b St Andrews, Charles S 2 b Tottenham

Census 31 March 1901 RG13/1248 f 83 p16 Tottenham: at 8 Stoneley Road: James Painter Head 54 Printers Labourer b St Giles, Mary wife 49 b St Giles, James W son Single 29 Builders Labourer b St Andrews, Samuel son Single 21 Builders Labourer b St Andrews, Charles R 12 b Tottenham, Francis A 8 b Tottenham, William Power Single brother in law 38 Builders Labourer b St Giles


4.3 ex 3.1.5 Family of Henry Charles PAINTER and Sarah (Holdsworth)

1. Sarah b 27 Jul 1873 at 42 Portpool Lane off Grays Inn Road SD St Andrews East Holborn reg Sep Qrtr 1b.625* Holborn Mdx [M Sarah Holesworth]

2. Henry Charles "Harry" b 10 Nov 1875 at Wellington Square SD Greys Inn Lane entry 475 reg Dec qtr 1875 Pancras 1b.75* Mdx ran away to join Merchant Navy NOT ON CREW LIST TO 1913 not at home 1891 Census during WWI served on minesweepers in Arctic. Last seen in Enfield house of Irene Ryan July 1940 d several years later nearest is Henry age 58 d June qtr 1941 Droxford Hampshire 2c.312 ? GET CERT

3.Thomas Frederick b 20 Nov 1879 at 55 St Clements St SD Islington West entry 314 reg Dec qtr 1879 Islington 1b.294* [Barnbury 1911 Census] d 2 Nov 1949 Acktenbrooks Hospital Cambridge entry 442 reg Dec qtr 1949 Cambridge 4a.204* Cause: Broncho Pneumonia PM age 69 years late of 16 St Regis Chesterton Road Informant son Patrick W in attendance; witness marr 1930 dau Gwendoline J [5.2.2 ] Sapper Corps Royal Engineers Reg No.59111 Cat No: WO 372/15 Prudential Insurance Agent

m after Banns 4 Apr 1904 St Barnabas Church entry 468 reg June Qtr 1904 3b.1087* Cambridge (Witnesses: George Abbott, Eliza Winifred Wells [bride's sister & brother-in-law]) both living 150 Mill Road Mary Jane "Jennie" (Wells) b 29 May 1882 at 14 Cross St SD St Andrew the Less reg Sep qtr 1882 Cambridge 3b.471* d 16 Feb 1954 at Flat 16 St Regis Chesterton Road Cambridge entry 162 reg Mar qtr 1954 Cambridge 4a.248 Cause: Took own life whilst balance of mind disturbed by carbon monoxide poisoning [domestic coal gas] Inquest Walter R Wallis Coroner age 71 years cremated; witness m 1896 brother Robert [SF] see 5.7

4.Mary Ethel b 26 Jul 1885 Pentonville reg Sep 1885 Holborn 1b.713 [Clerkenwell 1891 Cs] d 14 May 1964 St Michael's Hospital Enfield reg June qtr 1964 Edmonton 5e.375 ? cremated; Informant then of 73 Orchard Crescent Enfield death 1935 mother; Residence 2 Morley Hill Enfield m as Ethel Mary after Banns 16 Apr 1906 entry 7 St Lukes Ch Enfield reg Edmonton 3a.749* (Witnesses: Alfred Edward Painter, Louisa Emery) James Edward BENNETT Residence 68 Browning Rd Enfield b 28 Nov 1884 at 8 New Lane SD Enfield reg Mar qtr 1885.3a.373* Edmonton Informant X her mark Mother Elizabeth Welch Edmonton [F James Edward Plumber] Plumbers Labourer; witness marr 1921 Rose C 5 below see 5.8

5.Alfred Edward b 22 Dec 1888 CHECKat 21 Henry St Buildings entry 61 SD Pentonville reg Mar qtr 1888 Holborn 1b.744* [Clerkenwell 1891 Census]; witness marr 1906 sister 3 above m and had issue said to have been fisherman at Grimsby and died in seamen's home

6.Rose Caroline b 22 Sep 1890 at 113 Poynton Rd SD Tottenham entry 101* reg Dec qtr 1890 Edmonton 3a.290 d 26 Jan 1979. 3394* Braeside Nursing Home Stanmore NSW Australia Cause: Acute Pulmonary Oedema 36 hours, Congestive Cardiac Failure 10 yrs, Hypothyroidism 4 yrs, Lupus Erythematosus 10 yrs bu 31 Jan 1979 Indep Cem Rookwood NSW Informant M I Gillard 13 Renfrew Road Werri Beach; informant then of 10 Hampden Lane Tottenham death 1919 Frank V 7 below; Residence 8 Glenville Ave Enfield m after Banns 30 Apr 1921 St Lukes Ch Enfield entry 55 reg June qtr 1921 Edmonton 3a.984* (Witnesses: J E Bennett, B J Pegrum) Daniel BAILEY Residence 9 Glenville Ave Enfield b 27 Oct 1897 Albion near Brisbane Qld Trimmer see 5.9

7. Frank Victor b 28 Oct 1896 at ?118 Poynton Rd SD Tottenham entry 149 reg Dec qtr 1896 Edmonton 3a.397* d 12 June at 8 Glenville Avenue SD Enfield reg June qtr 1919 Edmonton 3a.570* Cause: 1. Rheumatic Fever 2. Mitral Valvular Disease Informant R C Painter sister in attendance NO ISSUE said to have been wounded World War I and spent some time in hospital on Malta

Census 4 April 1881 RG 11/0241 f 27 p 46 at 55 Clements St Islington: Henry Head age 29 Printers Stoker, Sarah wife age 26, Sarah age 7, Henry C age 5, Thomas age 4

Census 5 April 1891 RG12/1070 p12 Sched 60 Enumeration Dist 10 at 113 Poynton Road Tottenham: Henry Head age 39 Engine Driver (Stationary), Sarah wife age 36, Thomas son age 11, Ethel dau age 5, Alfred son age 3, Rose dau age 6 mths ?? Henry Charles already run off to sea

Census 31 March 1901 RG13/1247 f160 p64 Sched 369 part of St Marys Tottenham: at Selina Villa Shelbourne Road Henry Charles Head age 49 years Engine Driver (Stationary) worker b St Giles i t Fields London, Sarah wife 46 years Charwoman worker b City of London, Alfred son age 13 years b Clerkenwell, Rose 10 years b Tottenham, Frank 4 years b Tottenham

Census 2 April 1911 : Yarmouth 3 Gorleston Norfolk: at 144 Bells Marsh Road: in house with 5 Rooms Sarah Painter Head 56 Charwoman b City of London Husband in Asylum married 38 years 12 children 6 living, 6 dead, Frank Victor 14 House Boy b Tottenham Mdx

Census 2 April 1911 RG14PN11059RG78 PN598 RD218 SD3 ED2 SD32.04.37.28 Mutford Suffolk Great Yarmouth: at "Heatherbrae" St Olaves in house of 8 rooms Painter Rose Caroline Servant 22 Housemaid b Tottenham in household of John Taylor Head 67 b Westbury Wiltshire M 41 years Retired Bank Manager, Retired Lieut Colonel V D, wife Elaine Louise 65 b Cheltenham Gls Children: 3 2 living 1 dead, Rose Mary Harboard Sevant 24 Single Cook Domestic b Burlingham Norfolk.


4.4 ex 3.1.7 Family of Hannah Letitia (Painter) and Charles William HERBERT

1. Charles John D b Dec qtr 1882 Holborn 1b.698

2. Charlotte ? = Catherine Alice b Dec qtr 1887 Holborn 1b.6?45

3. Kate Frances ? b Mar qtr 1888 Pancras 1b.50

4. Henry George? b Mar qtr 1896 Pancras 1b.51

Census 5 April 1891 RG12/1072 f 42 p 28 Tottenham: at West Green Road off Broad Lane N15 Charles W Herbert Head 34 b St Pancras, Hannah wife 31 b St Giles, Charles John son 8 b Holborn, Charlotte A dau 5 b Grays Inn Road, Kate Frances dau 3 b Grays Inn Road, Thomas Painter Lodger 28 Printer b St Giles [3.1.10]

Census 31 March 1901 RG13/141 f 13 p 13 at 14 Wilson Pl St Pancras: Charles Herbert M age 41 b London Coal Carman, Hannah M wife age 40 b London, Charlotte age 15 Factory Hand (Brush) Working b London, Kate 13 b London, Henry 5 b London

Census 2 April 1911 RG14/1238 RG78/42 RD14 SD2 ED23 SN 223 Holborn most b St Pancras: at 13 Meredith St London EC:Charles Herbert Head 53 Carman, Hannah wife marrried 29 years 53 b St Giles, Kate dau Single Gold Blocker 23, Henry son 15 Van Boy


4.5 ex 3.1.8 Family of John William PAINTER and Martha (Branson)

1. John William b c 1886 Cs 1901 b Islington b as Joho W 16 Feb 1886 at 4 Henry St Pentonville reg Mar qtr 1886 Holborn 1b.768* X mark of M P Painter Mother

2. Ethel May b 1888 Clerkenwell 1901 and 1911 Census no birth record

3. Arthur Thomas b June qtr 1891 West Ham 4a.47

4. May b June qtr 1893 West Ham 4a.104

5. Alice Louisa b Mar qtr 895 West Ham 4a.111 1901

6. Albert ? = Victor b Dec qtr 1897 West Ham 4a.75

7. Edith Emily b Sep qtr 1900 West Ham 4a.107

8. William Edward b Mar qtr 1903 West Ham 4a.91

9. Hilda Lilian b Stratford reg June qtr 1907 West Ham 4a.203

Census 5 April 1891 RG12/1328 f 7 p 7 West Ham: at 5 Junction Road [off Queens Road between Plaistow & Upton Park stations now E13]: John Painter Head 31 Stationary Engine Driver, Martha 27 b Clerkenwell, John William son 5 b Clerkenwell, Ethel M dau 3 b Clerkenwell, Arthur T Painter son 2 months b Plaistow, Charles Bronson 17 Shoe Makers App b Clerkenwell Boarder, James Bronson 15 Errand Boy b Clerkenwell

Census 31 March 1901 RG13/1573 f 66 p 7 ?Sched 37 West Ham: at 5 Junction Road: John M Painter age 41 Gas Engine Driver b London, Martha M age 37 b Clerkenwell,John W age 15 Dock Messenger b Islington, Ethel age 12 b Clerkenwell, Arthur age 10 b Plaistow Essex, May dau 7 b Plaistow, Alice age 6 b Plaistow, Albert age 3 b Plaistow, Edith 7 mths b Aug 1900 Plaistow

Census 2 April 1911 RG14/9370 RG78/505 RD188 SD1 ED29 SN373 West Ham: at 46 Dunmow Road Stratford: Painter John William Head 51 Gas Engine Driver b St Giles, Martha wife married 26 years 46 b Clerkenwell, John William son Single 25 Railway Engine Fireman b Clerkenwell, Ethel dau Single 22 Cook domestic b Clerkwell, Arthur Thomas son Single 20 Instrument Maker Optical b Plaistow, May dau Single 17 Gen Servant Domestic b Plaistow, Alice dau Single 16 Gen Servant Domestic b Plaistow, Albert Victor son 13 Newsboy Scholar b Plaistow, Edith Emily dau 10 Scholar, William Edward son 8 Scholar b Plaistow, Hilda Lilian dau 4 b Stratford


4.6 ex 3.1.11 Family of George Edward PAINTER and Sarah Elizabeth (Buston)

1. Hannah E b as H Clara June qtr 1887 Pancras 1b.53

2. George I/T b ? as G Thomas Dec qtr 1888 Holborn 1b.706

3. Lizzie b as L Louisa Mar qtr 1892 Holborn 1b.740

Census 5 April 1891 RG12/225 f 62 p 46 Holborn Clerkenwell: at 8 Pine Street: George Painter Head 25 Printer b Stroud London, Sarah wife 24 b St Pancras, Hannah dau 4 b St Pancras George son 2 b Clerkenwell

Census 31 March 1901 RG13/255 f 54 p 34 Sched 264 Clerkenwell St Peters Central Finsbury: at 11 Upper Ashby St Northampton Square: George Painter age 35 Printer Worker b London, Sarah E wife 34 M b St Pancras, Hannah E dau age 14 Gold Polisher b St Pancras, George I/T son age 12 b Clerkenwell, Lizzie L dau age 9 b Clerkenwell

Census 2 April 1911 RG14/873 RG78/31 RD10 SD5 ED2 SN439 Islington: at 10a Stonefield St Islington: George Painter Head 46 b St Giles Printer Daily Papers, Sarah wife married 25 years 45 b Holborn, Hannah dau Single 24 Packer b Clerkenwell, George son Single 22 Electric Plater b Clerkenwell, Lizzie dau Single 19 Artificial ? b Clerkenwell


Fifth Generation

5.1 ex 4.1.2 Family of George Edward CASHMAN and Ada Annie (Arnold)

1. George Albert b June qtr 1893 Holborn 1b.712

2. Ada Elizabeth b Sep qtr 1894 Holborn1b.710

3. Clara Caroline b June qtr 1899 Holborn 1b.705

4. May Eliza b Sep qtr 1900 Holborn 1b.682

5. Ellen Violet b June qtr 1904 West Ham 4a.66

6. Lily Edith b Dec qtr 1906 West Ham 4a.41

7. Rosina Kathleen b June qtr 1908 West Ham 4a.141

8. Louisa Anna b June qtr 1910 West Ham 4a.96

Census 31 March 1901 RG13/253 f 132 p 40 at Holborn most births Clerkenwell: at 15 Northampton Road: George Cashman Head 28 Printer Machine Minder, Ada wife 27 b Holborn, George A son 7, Ada E 6, Clara 2 b 1899, May b May 1900

Census 2 April 1911 RG14/9428 RG 78/507A RD188 SD3 ED18 SN287 West Ham: at 144 Corporation Street: George Cashman Head married 19 years 38 Printers Machine Manager b Clerkenwell, Ada wife 38 b Holborn, George A son Single 18 Carman b Clerkenwell, Ada E dau 16 Learner Purse Making b Clerkenwell, Clara C dau Single 12 b Clerkenwell, May E dau 10 b Clerkenwell, Ellen V 7 b West Ham, Lily E dau 4 b West Ham, Rosina K dau 3 b West Ham, Louisa A dau 1 b West Ham


5.2 ex Family of Caroline Elizabeth (Cashman) and Ernest Alfred POULTON

All births East Ham

1. Ernest Alfred reg June qtr West Ham 1893 4a.91

2. Alice Elizabeth reg Mar qtr West Ham 1895 4a.237

3. Caroline Louisa reg Mar qtr 1897 West Ham 4a.269

4. Frederick John reg June qtr 1898 West Ham 4a.258

5. Ada Agnes reg Dec qtr 1900 West Ham 4a.271 ? d as Ada Dec qtr 1902 West Ham 4a.129 NO ISSUE

Census 31 March 1901 RG13/1603 f 57 p 18 West Ham Par East Ham: at 69 Arragon Road; Caroline E Poulton Widow 27 Charwoman b Clerkenwell, Earnest A son 7 b Plaistow Essex, Alice E dau 6 b 1895 b East Ham, Caroline L dau 4 b East Ham, Frederick J son 2 b East Ham, Ada A dau 1 b East Ham

Census 2 April 1911 RG14/9930 RG78/522 RD191SD3 SN153 Romford Barking: at 1 Factory Road: with mother Caroline E Randall: Ernest Alfred Poulton Single son 17 Lab Gas Works b Plaistow, Alice Elizabeth Poulton dau Single 16 b Plaistow, Carline Louisa Poulton dau 14 b East Ham, Frederick John Relative 12 b Plaistow


5.2a ex Family of Caroline Elizabeth (Poulton) and Charles RANDALL

1. Charles Henry b Dec qtr 1904 West Ham 4a.302

2. William Thomas b ? as W Harold Dec qtr 1906 West Ham 4a.17

3. Robert Albert ? b as R Alice Sep qtr 1908 West Ham 4a.242

4. James Edward b Mar qtr 1910 Romford 4a.594

Census Census 2 April 1911 RG14/9930 RG78/522 RD191SD3 SN153 Romford Barking: at 1 Factory Road: Charles Randall Head 32 Mains Layer Lab b Coats Cambridge, Caroline Elizabeth wife 36 Beckton Gas Works Lab b Clerkenwell, Charles Henry son 6 School b East Ham, William Thomas 4 b East Ham, Robert Albert son 2 b East Ham, James Edward son b 1 Barking, Ernest Alfred Poulton Single son 17 Lab Gas Works b Plaistow, Alice Elizabeth Poulton dau Single 16 b Plaistow, Carline Louisa Poulton dau 14 b East Ham, Frederick John Relative 12 b Plaistow